Terms and Conditions of Use for AntiqueFundus.de


This Website is not a onlineshop, you can not order online. Users must get in personal contact with the suppliers.  "User" in the following means all  business persons or legal entities and business partnerships that use this site, irrelevant of whether they intend to enter applicable contracts. The information on this platform is especially directed to professional decorators, event agencies, distributors and other business partnerships that seek and order items for their business.

1. Offers/Prices

All rental and sales prices are net prices (excluding VAT).  Exception the VAT is marked included  (at present 19% in Germany) A supplier in question is a small business that has not opted for VAT according to Article 19 Para. 2 UStG (German VAT Law) or is not subject to the legal taxation (Article 19 Para. 4 – UStG) for other reasons will and can not include or add VAT.

Avaibility and prices are subject to change and without obligation and have to be confirmed by the individual supplier by telephone and e-mail or by other written means.

2. Registering and Offering Items for Rent or Sale

The users of this Site can offer items themselves at no cost. They have to sign up in order to do this. When a user registers, he/she undertakes to enter at least one item (more are also possible of course) and only then will he/she be publicized on the website under "Suppliers" with his/her own homepage. By signing up, the user declares that he/she agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Use. Through deleting the account at this Site or through a written message to AntiqueFundus.de /RequisitenPortal.de, users can cancel this agreement at any time. Minors and others who are not legally competent or only partially legally competent are not allowed to sign up and use the site.  

3. The Supplier's Responsibility

The items, descriptions and prices on this Site are from different suppliers that have entered this information themselves. Tis Site does not assume any liability for the accuracy of this information. Each supplier is solely responsible for the information entered; he/she can change, delete or re-enter this at any time. AntiqueFundus.de / RequisitenPortal.de has no influence on the supplier's input and therefore assumes no responsibility or liability for this. If a user or other supplier is interested in an article offered, he/she contacts the supplier directly. The hire or sales conditions are regulated externally between the user and potential buyer. Any taxes or charges arising are to be paid by the user, or as the case may be, the supplier.

4. Conditions for Suppliers

The supplier undertakes that his/her profile and the information entered by him/her are true and current. In case of unauthorised use of a password, the supplier undertakes to delete this immediately and to update or correct his/her data so that it is accurate.  

It is not permitted to enter illegal, criminal or irregular contents. If objects from the era of National Socialism (Nazi era) are offered, then these are offered by the individual suppliers exclusively for the purposes allowed by law (research, documentation or similar).  

Otherwise, the hire or sale conditions of the individual user/supplier apply.

5. Copyright

It is also the responsibility of the supplier to see that only legal data is entered with which no copyright is damaged. By providing the databank, This Site does not support the distribution of illegal data in any way. The databank is to be understood as a temporary storage medium exclusively. The supplier undertakes to preserve the copyright of any uploaded images of items or only to use images in which he/she has obtained the right of use from the holder of these rights.

6. Data Forwarding

As a matter of principle, AntiqueFundus.de /RequisitenPortal.de does not pass on the user's personal data to third parties, unless there is a legal obligation to forward the data.

7. Liability

The owner of this portal as well as auxiliary persons and vicarious agents do not assume any liability for any reason - especially not for damages arising for anyone using the website through misuse, loss or non-payment and especially not for complications, problems or deception arising through sale/trade of items that are bought or hired. AntiqueFundus /RequisitenPortal.de is not liable in case of data loss and also not liable for the necessary outlay for restoration of such data. Each supplier undertakes to make back-up copies of his/her contents and other data on his/her own data carriers.

This Site is normally available to users and suppliers 24 hours, but expressly reserves the right to interrupt its operation time temporarily, for example, due to technical reasons. Liability for interruption of operation – for any reason whatsoever – is excluded.

8. Links

Links, advertising banners and similar do not represent a recommendation by AntiqueFundus.de / RequisitenPortal.de. It does not assume any liability for the contents of other websites, including the prices, services and availability of products from third parties even if these have been referred to by hyperlinks, advertising banners or in any other way. Likewise, RequisitenPortal.de expressly assumes no responsibility for contents and opinions that are accessible through links via RequisitenPortal.de. The responsibility for these lies solely with the individual operator of such websites.  

AntiqueFundus.de /  RequisitenPortal.de is also not liable for secondary damages, collateral damage, profits not achieved and loss of interest rates; damages from third party claims against participants are also excluded.

9. Participation

The user/supplier undertakes to use the services of this Site solely for the intended and beneficial purpose. The user/supplier undertakes to avoid large unnecessary data amounts. In case of a breach against this obligation, the supplier can be excluded from participation in this portal with immediate effect. The supplier has to bear all costs to Knud Kuhsen resulting from such a breach.  

The supplier is not authorized to process or catalogue the data on AntiqueFundus.de / RequisitenPortal.de.

10. Deleting Data

AntiqueFundus / RequisitenPortal.de reserves the right to change data publicized without providing any reasons and to delete individual articles or complete offers. If there is reason to suspect any breach of the present Terms and Conditions of Use, the supplier can be excluded with immediate effect and without provision of any reasons and without notice or their profile can be deleted with all the information in it. Users are strongly requested and also entreated to notify possible breaches or incorrect information.

11. Applicable Law

German law is applicable. The place of execution is the respective location of the supplier. The place of jurisdiction for the owner of this site is Stuttgart / Germany.  

Severability Clause

Conditions that deviate from the above Terms and Conditions of Use are not applicable.

In the case of any clause of these Terms and Conditions of Use being invalid or contestable, the remaining clauses continue to be intact.